5 good reasons to rent a YOGIPHONE telephone line

1 - Competitive call rates :

Enjoy the best rates (click here) with your promotional code and call quality.

2 - Without obligation, easy to get :

A proof of address is not needed to rent the YOGIPHONE telephone line.

3 - Express purchase and immediate use :

You can use the YOGIPHONE telephone line as soon as you have made your payment using your bank card.

4 - No surprises :

No subscription, no automatic renewal, no commitment, no charge for activating the phone line, no going over your credit as the service is pre-payed. You can always recharge or extend your line e (click here)

5 - Multi-access :

You can use it from a french mobile, from a hotel, from a holiday cottage, at friends’, from a landline (even a restricted line), or from a phone box.



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