The YOGIPHONE telephone line, what is it?

  • A 09 phone number (the cost of a local call)
  • An integrated voice mail,
  • Up to four hours of monthly credit.

You rent a YOGIPHONE telephone line for 3, 6 or 12 months in order to :

  • Make calls,
  • receive calls on the voice mail,
  • transfer calls to a landline number or a mobile

When is the Yogiphone telephone line activated?

As soon as your order is validated and you have paid with a bank card, your Yogiphone telephone line is automatically activated.  You will immediately receive by email (the email address you gave on the registration form) the information on how to use it: your 09 Yogiphone number and the 0800 free call number, your 4 figure confidential code, the 4 figure recharging code or the 6 month extension code.
You give your contacts your 09 Yogiphone number.
The day this email is sent plus 7 calendar days determine the start of the 1, 3, 6 or 12 months period for the Yogiphone telephone line rental.  You have 7 calendar days to activate your Yogiphone telephone line. 

Is it possible to buy several Yogiphone lines ?

It is possible to buy several phone lines, all you have to do is type in the number of lines you want when ordering.  For a larger number of lines, the process can be personalised and benefits from supplementary services.

What happens when the monthly credit time is not used up?

The monthly credit time that is not used up is automatically and fully carried over to the next month.   The carrying over of the credit time is cumulative for the whole duration of the Yogiphone telephone line rental.  At the expiry of the Yogiphone Line possibly the unused time credit will not be refunded.

Can the voice box greeting message be personalized ?

Yes very easily, you can personalize your greeting message with your surname and forename. Dial your yogiphone number in 09 or the free number in 0800 then enter your 4 digit code  and choose 1 to the main menu. Juste follow the instructions.

Am I informed as soon as I get a new message in my voice box ?

Yes. You will receive a notification by text on your usual mobile for any message left in your Yogiphone voice box. You can very easily at any time suspend or enable the sending of SMS alerting and notification on the filled cell.

How does the call transfer work ?

Dialyour yogiphone number in 09 or the free number in 0800 followed withe your confidential 4 digit code. Select option 3 in the overview and enter the redirection number for the landline or mobile phone in metropolitan France or in one of the 22 countries offering the service.
You can choose to redirect the calls for 1, 7, 15 or 30 days.   
The call transfer is automatically deactivated as the end of the chosen period: 1, 7, 15 or 30 days.
You can manually deactivate the call transfer via the 0800 free call number followed with your 4 figure confidential code.  When the call transfer is deactivated, you will receive a notification text on your usual mobile.

Can I use the call transfer function as often as I want to ?

Yes, the call transfer can be used as often as you want to.  
The call transfer activation is free of charge.
NB: The transferred call is debited as an outgoing call and taken off the remaining Yogiphone telephone line monthly credit time (see the general conditions of sales).

At the end of the 1, 3, 6 or 12 months, is the rental of the Yogiphone telephone line automatically renewed ?

There is no automatic renewal at the end of the 1, 3, 6 or 12 months rental period.
A few days before the end of the Yogiphone telephone line rental period, you will receive an email offering you the option to extend the rental of your Yogiphone telephone line.  All you have to do then is order a renewable 6 months extension code. 

How to extend the Yogiphone line ?

All you have to do is order 6 months extension code online. You'll manage your Yogiphone line by dialing your yogiphone number in 09 or free number in 0800 followed with your 4 digit code.
Select option n°5 in the overview and enter your extension code.
NB: The Yogiphone line must be active to be extended.  If at the end of the 1, 3, 6, or 12 months, the Yogiphone line is not extended, it will be cancelled and the number reallocated.

What are the possible payment methods ?

You pay online with a bank card* (for an immediate activation of the Yogiphone telephone line).  A payment in 3 instalments is possible except for the pre-payed 3 months Yogiphone telephone line.
For a payment by bank transfer or by cheque, there will be a 48 hours delay after the validation of the payment.

When will I receive the invoice ?

After the validation of your order, your invoice is available for download in your customer’s account.

Does the Yogiphone telephone line come with a customer service ?

Yes, you can contact the customer service by filling in the “contact us” form online (page contact) ;You can also get hold of the customer service directly by dialling 01 78 40 51 09.

Why are there two telephone numbers in order to use the Yogiphone telephone line ?

  • The 09 Yogiphone telephone number (like a box number) is generally integrated in numerous bundles (landline and mobile) for the cost of a local call (excluding an eventual surcharge from the operator).
  • The 0800 free call number is supplied in order to use the Yogiphone telephone line from a landline (even a restricted line), from the landline of a third party or from a phone box.  In this case, the call is not debited on the invoice of the account holder for the landline used in metropolitan France (see the General Conditions of Sales)

Can you use any one of these two numbers to access the Yogiphone telephone line ?

According to the terminal you are using (landline, phone box, and mobile), you will be able to dial one of these 2 numbers to access the Yogiphone telephone line: the 09 Yogiphone telephone number or the 0800 free call number
Each time you use the Yogiphone telephone line, the remaining time credit still available is automatically recalculated and readjusted (see the General Conditions of Sales))
*secure Crédit Mutuel  CIC payment)


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