You are a tourist in France, save money on your call with a YOGIPHONE telephone line

What is the YOGIPHONE telephone line ?

It's an hybrid innovative telecommunication service, (landline or mobile)
on the principle of the prepaid phone car, specially designed
to meet the dual challenge faced by tourists when they stay
in France.

- National and International calls at very low rates

Know the time credits by country

A french number to receive calls either on a landline or a mobile line, and also a voicemail service when unavailable.

How to use a YOGIPHONE telephone line

It's easy to use the service :

The Yogiphone telephone line is a prepaid phone line, multi-access, without subscription or commitment or line opening fees and does not require proof of address.

This service works in metropolitan France and is available in 22 foreings countries (see the list ).

I want to use my YOGIPHONE telephone line

  • From
    a french mobile
  • From
    a guest house
  •  From Hotel
  • At friends
  • From a landline
  • From
    a phone box

I dial my number 09 YOGIPHONE


I dial my free call number  0 800

Followed with my 4 figure confidential code

(easy to remember)

A caller wants to get hold of me

He dials my number 09 YOGIPHONE (cost of local call) 

He leaves a message on 
the answerphone of my 
Yogiphone telephone line,

(I get a text alert
on my mobile.)


His call is transfered 
to a mobile of redirection
or landline number.

(| can have a live conversation
with the caller.)

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5 good reasons to rent a YOGIPHONE telephone line

1. Competitive call rates

2. Without obligation, easy to get

3. Express purchase and immediate use

4. No surprises

5. Multi-access

To know more

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